Alexander Technique Vancouver

Who Benefits from Lessons? 

Below is a list of professions that may find interest in studying the technique. Whether it be a curiosity of learning something new, a desire to make long lasting change, or a willingness to explore new ideas with an open mind, the Alexander Technique has something to offer you.

  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Desk Workers
  • Surgeons
  • Physical Therapists
  • Actors –  (Hugh Juckman, Lupita Nyong, Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, William Hurt…etc)
  • Dancers
  • Public Speakers

Athletes, musicians, dancers, desk workers, surgeons, and public speakers, to name a few, have sought and benefitted from improved economy of movement. Inefficient movement is the equivalent of trying to operate a mis-calibrated car without sufficient maintenance, lubrication, and tire pressure. Metal gears constantly grinding against each other will inevitably lead to wear and tear. In living organisms, recurring inefficient movement may results in injury. Since the mechanics of our bodies directly correlate to the quality of our movement and health, secondary symptoms such as localized pain, repetitive strain injuries,  and breathing difficulty may arise from the primary coordination deficits.  It is for this reason that people exhausted from experiencing pain or wanting to recover from injury have often been attracted to the principles of the technique. Those concerned with posture, finding more comfortable ways of sitting, or carrying oneself better can find benefit from lessons.


Have you ever felt the need to change your posture? Have you felt that working for long periods of time leave you stiff or uncomfortable?  You may have tried to stand or sit “up” or “straight,” but my guess is that you haven’t found a comfortable and sustainable way of doing so for a long duration of time. At the crux of the dilemma is the fact that we often try to find the “right” way of doing something without spending the time to learn about the the things preventing us from doing it organically. In a lesson, you will learn how great posture is not a static or stiff position at all, but rather, a delicate balance of weight you can learn to acquire.